3D Printer Farm for Aircraft Spare Parts

Aircraft Solutions RAK joins 3dP-Token as ICO Partner

We are pleased to announce our partnership with 3dP-Token and makerslab24.com. For our newly built aircraft recycling center at Ras Al Khaimah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, makerslab24.com will provide us with 3D printing techniques and their knowledge in the 3D printing industry. The construction of our distinct 2700 sq mtr. hangar on the terrain of the airport as one of the biggest facilities of its kind has already been approved with the license no. A56-2018. With our know-how in the aviation industry and many years of experience from other facilities, our company provides an efficient and cost effective end-of-life solution for commercial aircrafts while working closely with airport management and civil aviation departments. The main area of responsibility is the spare parts procurement for one of the internationally leading manufacturers of aerospace products but as well for various other international airlines. The aim is to solve the problem of long term parked aircrafts caused by the lack of fitting spare parts. The location in Ras Al Khaimah is ideally suited for this purpose because of the long runways and vast taxi and parking areas.

So far, we primarily recycle and refurbish airplane replacement parts from discarded aircrafts. In the fast growing aviation industry there is an increasing demand for additional airplanes and because the current generations of aircrafts are getting more robust, the airplanes’ lifespans are getting longer and fewer can be exploited, leading to a shortage of used replacement parts. Handcrafted purpose-built items have been the only possibility for us to close this gap for a long time, but are expensive and have long delivery times.

For this reason, we now want to break new ground with our collaboration with makerslab24.com. Spare parts can be produced low priced, independent and fast on the spot just in time by using 3D printing techniques. 3D printed parts are produced in one piece, so do not need to be welded or riveted together, making them durable and robust. Additive manufacturing processes enable fast manufacturing cycles and are enormously cost-saving. Our company knows that „a state-of- the-art facility with superior services cannot succeed without quality equipment that will enable us to service our clientele with reliable performance“.

It is conceivable to either 3D print the needed spare parts in makerslab24.com's printing farm or to integrate a distinct 3D printing farm instituted and operated by makerslab24.com locally in our hangars.


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